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What is Animated Video Production?

We’ve all seen them – animated explainer videos telling you about a company, a service or a product. They’re all over the web, and with good reason. An animated video is a powerful, concise and economical way to explain who you are, what you do, or how your product works.

Given a choice between reading and watching, people almost always choose to watch.  They will skip over long blocks of text in favour of clicking and watching what unfolds before them. Our animated videos keep your audience engaged, no reading required, providing an opportunity to inform your audience, compel them to act, and raise awareness of your brand.

Our Animated Video Services

Our award-winning animated video team pulls together the right graphics, sound, color palette and copy to maximize engagement and impact. We build the video with your target audience in mind, ensuring a good fit. We craft:

  • Explainers & How-To Videos

  • Infographic Videos

  • Promotional Videos

  • Product Videos

  • Instructional Videos

Tell us your goals, we’ll add our Imagination to the mix, and the creative journey begins.  Together we’ll find the right visuals, voice, tone and style to perfectly connect with your target audience and spread the word.


In animated video production, we use a variety of techniques to create a compelling story through visuals. From the initial concept to the final product, we work through the process with you, adapting to serve any specific animated video production needs you might have.

Why Work with Imagination Creations?

Led by Ari Grunzeweig, our seasoned Imagination Creations team has a passion for making memorable videos. We are dedicated to making engaging and polished animated videos that catch people’s attention and interest. We believe in focusing on people’s needs – from our clients to their audience, treating each project with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Take a Look at Our Work

From explainers to instructional videos, we’ve helped a wide range of clients reach their audience with professional and creative animated video production. What sets us apart? Take a look!