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Pavilion K


This was one of the most well received projects we have worked on.  Feedback was outstanding and the event made for a very proud night for Imagination Creations. This 2-part project was shown before the Montreal launch of 'Barney's Version' at the Imperial Cinema. The event was put on by the Jewish General Hospital to introduce their next major expansion of the hospital.

From event producer, Lorne Levitt... Awesome... Just amazingly well done. You completely “got” my vision!

Part 1 was designed to thank all the donors for their incredible contributions and to inform them of the vast array of projects that their money has funded.  Our mandate was to outline all of this information in an exciting and action packed way that will immediately grab the attention of the audience.

Part 2 introduced Pavilion K, the next major enhancement to the hospital.  This expansion will ensure the future of the hospital and therefore the theme of 'the future' was critical in the design of this piece.

This event was produced by Total Events & Entertainment.

We look forward to our next project with Total as well as the Jewish General Hospital!