Wow! I just returned from Acharai // After Me, a 3 week adventure, traveling through South Africa and Israel on a social action mission with 25 motivated students and 1 inspirational Rabbi. My job was to document the journey through photo and video in order to promote what we were doing to the community back home as to the greater community of the world. I was posting photo albums and video edits to Facebook regularly and our subscriptions increases healthily throughout the course of our travels. Filming and shoot all day in the hot sun, and editing all night, made for many very long hours, but the results were well worth it.

Everything was shot on location with my Canon 60D and Tamrom 24-70 VC lens, using a Rode Videomic Pro. In addition to all the filming, photography and editing, I managed our Facebook portal so our friends, family and supporters back home could track our every step!

Have a look at all that we accomplished in the 8 videos below! These were all edited on location! Or click here to check out all of the photos, HD videos and blog posts on our Acharai page!

Acharai kicks off in Africa [vcfb id=501030256577011 w=625 h=376]
"There are people out there working on making a difference" [vcfb id=501772593169444 w=625 h=376]
The Lucky Ones [vcfb id=502180939795276 w=625 h=376]
He felt that it was his duty to give back [vcfb id=811874016284 w=625 h=376]
"I Think It's a Great Future for Me" [vcfb id=504532782893425 w=625 h=376]
"We're Building the Stage for the Community" [vcfb id=505692719444098 w=625 h=376]
Education on Acharai [vcfb id=506117996068237 w=625 h=376]
"Thinking about all the people we can make safe is what makes it worth it" [vcfb id=506715962675107 w=625 h=376]