We all love Trapcode Particular! But one thing it cannot do natively is emit multiple different particles through a single emitter. Imagination Creations shows you a great flexible work around to emit any number of different particles with just one emitter! Check out the video for a detailed tutorial with many tweaks and settings, but for those who want the shorthand, below is a quick step by step walk through.

1. Create all you particle artwork in Illustrator or Photoshop. 2. Put each individual particle on a separate layer. 3. Import that file into After Effects as a composition. 4. In your composition, make each layer last one frame and sequence them one after the other. 5. Trim the composition to the end of the last layer. Leave no blank frames. 6. Create a new comp and drop in the comp with the particles you just worked on. 7. Set that layer to invisible. 8. Add a new solid and apply the Particular Effect. 9. Under Particles, change the particle type to Sprite 10. Under texture, change the texture to the comp with the particles. 11. Under time sampling, change it to Random - Still Frame. 12. Tweak settings and you're done!