STEAM Education has become a top priority in schools across New York and New Jersey - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. The Schechter School of Manhattan wanted to promote their STEAM program, ‘The Lieberman Family STEAM Center’, in an imaginative way, and we were up for the creative challenge! After listening to the school’s goals, we were inspired. We wanted to approach the project by showing the aspiration of what the center is trying to achieve. We wanted to show the very core of what the center is developing in the children. We wanted to show how children think, perceive and imagine. This led us to developing a plan based around what children want to do in the future, rather than what they are currently doing in class.

Our client put their trust in us as we collaborated on 3 separate vignettes. Each involved children of different ages being engaged in a mindset that embraces the priorities of the STEAM center.

Our goal with these videos was to showcase the mind of the child. To achieve this, we needed artfully filmed footage to immediately grab the audience. We also wanted to capture the imagination of the children and so we decided that overlaying graphics, paired with the action, would be a great way to bring the thoughts that live inside a child to life.

All 3 vignettes were story-boarded and carefully planned. Each one had its own unique theme, that reflected those of the STEAM center.


It is always a privilege when a client feels comfortable giving us the creative freedom to pursue our ideas. We are thankful to the Schechter School of Manhattan for the opportunity.